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Besides Jewellery, where do you think we could find gems, metals and other precious materials? Of course other industries use minerals or gems but not with a decorative purpose. The beauty we see in the brilliance of a gold ring and the intensity of a blue sapphire, is left aside when these materials are used as part of technological components, heavy industry, ophthalmology or the discipline of Dental manufacturing for example.

I bring you this time the alternative use of metals, which can usually be found in jewellery, but they are also part of dental pieces, or machines and tools that the dental prosthetics handle for the manufacture of these dental “jewels”. Gold, platinum, tin, silver, titanium …… diamond, corundum (gemological family to which ruby ​​and sapphire belong), silicon, feldspar and other minerals in compounds or preparations.

Do not miss the photos below where I am showing you some moments of my last interview with David de la Rosa, expert dental technician and professor of the health training school “Claudio Galeno” in Madrid, who explained to me about the materials that are used in dental prosthesis and machines and tools that the students of this school learn to handle. Tools that are shared with the professionals who manufacture jewellery. I was surprised by the proximity of one professionals and others sharing the same machines, processes and materials.










Following, see some machines and appliances used by dental technicians in their task of making our Smile a Jewel!.

Milling machine, for grinding metal with precision

Electrolytic bath machine, cleans and polishes the metal by electric erosion

High frequency induction machine for casting








Pack of aluminum oxide sand, used in the sandblasting machine to clean cast metals and remove casting mold

Sandblasting machine

Monica holds an accessory piece to polish that forms part of the polishing machine that is next to her









Thanks again to David de la Rosa, from whom I received excellent treat, who showed me his laboratories and his work and made this article possible.


I hope you liked it … be Deluxe


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