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And so it was demonstrated when a suspicious 62 grams and 14 carat gold necklace fell in the hands of a jeweller who decided to test the gold and for his surprise, it was detected some lead, coming to the surface. What looked like a precious gold necklace with flowery decoration worthy of a work of fine gold work, turned out to be a hollow gold material filled entirely with lead. Only a thin lay

er of 14-karat gold bathed the surface.

It was a beautiful 14K gold necklace


Lead is coming out for the Jeweller surprise








The jeweler had the brilliant idea of ​​cutting the necklace piece by piece and dipping the pieces into hot acid which melted the lead and left the hollow gold pieces in origin. Now the weight of the necklace was 21.9 grams, 40 grams!! less it was before the discover.


Hollow gold. No lead inside anymore.

Pieces reset. (Simulation)











This necklace was sold as 62 grams of gold and 14 karats. As you see, it is imperative to examine the gold pieces, more deeply, and not faithfully believe the marks and punches that we observe in the gold on its purity. There are giving many cases like this in our markets and other cases that expose the scams in jewels that are not gold or if they are, it is only its facade, which shines …

Interesting, Isn´t it?

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