Mónica G. Sáez. “Gemology & Jewellery Appraisals”

Who is Mónica G. Sáez

Mónica G.Sáez, is an independent professional Gemologist and Diamond expert and a Certified Jewellery Appraiser. She is also author of the book “Fundamentals of Gemology. An Introductory Guide”.

In MGS, part of our work involves, the examination and the identification of gems, such as diamonds, coloured gemstones and other materials (mineral or organic), in order to determine: their nature, treatments, synthesis or imitation.
Our gemological equipment is more than capable of offering serious, professional and accurate work.
Our clients are private clients and jewellers; all of them are very interested in such “precious” information the techniques of Gemology can reveal about their gemstones and those ones contained in their Jewellery.

The appraisal and valuation of gems and jewellery is the other part of our work that also needs specialist knowledge and expertise. We analyse the coloured gemstones and diamonds and other materials the jewellery can contain. An in-depth exam of the jewellery piece is used to determine: the manufacturing, settings, designs, dating (if antique), and finally the value of the jewellery. All are necessary parts of an appraisal procedure, we in MGS, follow with proven accuracy.

The valuation will be different in each case as it depends on the purpose of the appraisal: insurance, probate, family division or trade.
As can be seen, the two lines of service we offer are on their own a large amount of work. We guarantee our clients a high level of discretion, confidentiality and quality of work.

We love our work and it is evident in its result.


Qualified Gemologist from the Spanish Gemmological Institute.

Diamond Specialist and Diamond Grading Expert from I.G.E.

Certified Jewellery Appraiser from The Spanish Association of Jewellery Appraisers.

Antique Jewellery from UCD Michel Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Bachelor Degree in Economics from UAM.

Business Management Diploma from IFE.

“Passion for gems, passion for jewellery”.

Mónica G.Sáez

Some of our clients and associated retailers

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Recognized and respected associations and institutions accredit us

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