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MGS, Jewellery Valuers in Dublin, keep up to date with the national and international jewellery industry, professional memberships and subscriptions, and relevant stock market prices. As we do with our gemological knowledge, we attend as many events as we can in order to guarantee our recognizable level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise.

We offer a Jewellery and Gemstone appraisal and valuation service. Through our free consultation available via the Contact page, by email or by telephone. The purpose of the valuation will be determined (Insurance, probate, family division and private sale) and the most appropriate fee will be advised at this stage. Once this is done, the valuer will travel to the client´s home or workplace to carry out the examination, photography and the appraisal of the jewellery. (This process may take several hours). At this stage the appraiser would inform the client about the condition of the jewellery and if necessary the need for the use of the advanced and specialized techniques of a third party laboratory.

The examination, appraisal and production of the corresponding report will take no more than 7 days. The report will be delivered by post from Dublin to the client´s home wherever it is in Ireland. (If in the unusual case where a valuation process may take longer, we will advise). An express service (24 hours) is available at an extra charge.

MGS will hold confidentially and safely, a copy of the report which will be available for generating any future updated appraisals. The client will receive an original report signed, stamped and sealed by the valuer.

Appraisal and Valuation Process

Most of the jewellery appraisals follow the following process:
  • Determination of the purpose of the appraisal: Insurance, probate, etc.
  • Preparation: the appraiser will check and clean the jewellery.
  • Testing the metals: using acid or electronic methods. This will determine if the metal is gold, silver, platinum, etc., and the carats of the jewellery, e.g.: gold ( 9ct, 14 ct, 18 ct, etc.).
  • Identification and quality analysis: The gemstones contained in the jewellery will be identified using gemological tool: 10x loupe, microscope, refractometer, UV light testing lamp, etc. And then they will be graded through analysis of colour, cut and clarity.
  • Measurement and weight: All the coloured gemstones, diamonds and jewellery pieces are measured and weighed, using the appropriate tools gauges and scales and calculating their weights and measures using the corresponding formulas. Where the mount is a limitation to access to gemstones or diamods, the calculation of these data will be approximate.
  • Manufacturing methods and setting type identification. Every detail of your jewellery items are presented on the valuation report after determining the current market values. All the values will be added to form the total valuation price for the purpose stated.
  • Photography and production of the report. The valuation report will be produced then, including a detailed photography, written description and the value of each item from the jewellery the client submited. The complete document is delivered in a bound and sealed folder.
jewellery valuation dublin
jewellery valuation dublin

Four types of valuation

jewellery valuation dublin

The Insurance Replacement value

A jewellery valuation for Insurance takes into account loss, partial loss, theft and damage. This valuation is usually based on replacing your jewellery with a similar item or based on the estimated cost of recreating the item exactly to the original design.

jewellery valuation dublin
jewellery valuation dublin
jewellery valuation dublin

The Probate value

(Used in the calculation of inheritance tax and to obtain probate of will). A valuation for probate is based on the price which the jewellery is likely to realise if it was sold at auction at the time of death of its owner. As this doesn´t take into account the current cost of the manufacture , materials, or taxation levels but only the current market situation. The value of this jewellery valued for probate will be lower than a valuation for insurance purposes.

jewellery valuation dublin

The family division value

(The purpose of this type is to divide property among members of a family or between partners). This valuation can be prepared to assist in property division in the event of a divorce or separation and includes a full appraisal and an equitable distribution report per each individual or family member.

jewellery valuation dublin

The value for sale between parties or private sale

The value of this appraisal is based on a fair market price and is a good guide to a reasonable price to all sides involved.

jewellery valuation dublin

These above values are completely different from each other and none serves the purpose of another.


Our fees are based on the amount of work and number of items and their complexity and not on the value of your jewellery items. VAT is included. The valuation is presented in a professional and detailed report which is delivered in a bound folder.

For all types of valuations:   There is a Set-up document

Appraisal and valuation for insurance, family division and private sale. (Fees below are indicative)

Simple metal (Gold and platinum) items

*extra item and up to 3 items, please contact us.

Group (10 simple items)
Similar items of low value can be valued as a group as long as they are broadly alike in terms of materials, condition and manufacture.

– Jewellery with gems and/or diamond

**extra item and up to 3 items, please contact us.

– Complex Jewellery items

***Complex items are those requiring a longer time to appraise and research, such as larger multi-stone set items, brooches, bracelets and necklaces or any single diamond above 1 CT and rare items.

  • For lots of more than 3 items in the above categories please contact us to discuss.
  • Please contact us for valuations of loose diamonds or gemstones.

Contact us and we will give you a quick quote.

jewellery valuation dublin

Important Notes

– We appraise and value antique jewellery and all pieces of modern jewellery.

– MGS does not value coins, silverware or scrap metal.

– Stolen or lost jewellery will not be appraised or valued if based on descriptions. Please make a consultation for valuations of Jewellery through photograph. (Proof of identity and ownership required).

– We don´t appraise or value gemstones through a photograph.

– All our jewellery and gem/diamond appraisals are carried out in the client´s premises. In the case of the client´s premises are located outside Dublin, travel and subsistence costs will be charged to the client accordingly.


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